Anthology II


Eskapee Anthology is mountain bike culture. The book brings Eskapee’s celebrated storytelling to life, from online to beautiful paper and ink. 

Community. Adventure. High mountain. Green plains. Gnarly singletrack. Easy-going tours. Isotonic sports drinks. Beer.

Mountain biking’s diversity is good for the soul. Eskapee Anthology 2 is a physical representation of the sport, a go-to for inspiration and conversation, a place to hide out and wait for the rain to stop, then go ride. Or just talk bikes some more.

Following Eskapee Anthology 1 (released in 2017), this second printed product by Eskapee delivers 14 in-depth stories – Issues 16-29 – across 212 pages, produced by Misspent Summers and printed to the highest standards in the UK.

Own it. Hold it. Love it. Share it. Store it. Dust it off and repeat.

There’s nothing quite like beautiful, tangible print. Big thanks to the Eskapee founder Damian Breach for his vision.

Estimated delivery times: 2-4 business days UK; 5-10 business days Europe; and 15 business days rest of world.